Research, Development and Production

   Collog has a library of expertise in manufacturing process. we have been actively collaborating with successful production sites in expanding their international export and development of ODMs, If you are a manufacturer and have your production facility in the western countiers, Middle East or the far east market we can facilitate liaising with your target consumers. we are here to help.

We are currently helping NEWHAIR with their manufacturing finance, read our case study:









Brief :

“ Our passion and expertise is in beauty chemicals, we have 3 generations of experience in developing client friendly ingredients for the consumer goods and want to expand our chemical innovations and encourage more customers to use our formulations, however the industry is dominated by the big producers so we need an efficient distribution solution to help us gain market share, 
Collog put us on the right track by providing us B2B channels and financial resources“  




Our Solution :

  International firms face various obstacles in introducing their products in the global markets. Chemical production is a gaigantc sector, the US DJI alone was capitalised at a staggering amount of 5,476 trillion US.Dollars. This sector has a significant growth opportunities if it was not dominated and restricted by the major corporate players. 

Yet fierce market competition, deregulated licences, and high consumer segmentation creates gaps in barriers for neche businesses of all size.

A collaboration between involved parties and Collog’s innovative platform allows efficient B2B to achieve a bold and differentiating approach, and by delivering strategic presence. Today the collaboration between Collog and NEWHAIR is yielding organic growth in some of the world's strongest economies.



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