Brand & Marketing

   Collog has a wealth of business knowledge in International research and development as well as export growth. If you are an entrapeneur or seek out to expand in the UK or Europe we are here to help.

We are currently helping ColoRay ® with their UK development, read our case study:









Brief :

“ Our brand relies on an international supply chain model where each location requires a different investment term and limited risk exposure. Collog helps us achieve an optimised yet diversified solution and by doing so we successfully deliver our brand in some of the largest consumer markets in Europe and Middle East. “  




Our Solution :

   ColoRay requires a hybrid investment solution to simplify their fragmented financial arrangement. By helping the beauty brand streamlining each of its global access points compatible to its geo-political and cultural customs,

This is achieved by diversifying a partnership of representatives with tailored risk appetite, suitable for each localised market. Today, Collog is helping ColoRay manage their supply chain internationally, with partners in the EU, United Kingdom, Middle-East and Northern Africa.


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